Somniem PM is useless & they refuse to refund money

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Somniem PM was offered as a sample for $1.95 for a 7 day trial on line.They were useless.

Their offer arrived and included an insert stating "Hassle free, Guaranteed!!! After using the useless 7 day supply, I now have recieved a 30 day supply I was not expecting for $55.63 which is much more expensive than most over the counter sleep aids that do help. I called to return the unwanted product but they refused stating they have no obligation to return or refund. They can cancel any future orders but they refuse to return any money.

I reminded them they offer on product, health suppprt and billing inquiries "Hassle free, guarenteed!" in writing. They refused to return any money stating "they were not allowed to". I asked to speka to a supervisor or officer that was allowed to and was told they were not allowed to. Their hassle free number in 801-208-7485.

They are located at 2711 E Craig Road, suite K, N.Las Vegas, NV 89030

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